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Finally got my hands on this #Serena
Nap with the little. #charlotteneal #scaredofthunder ⚡️☔️☁️ (at Charleston Historic District)
Poor #mollyneal isn’t use to have a little around. 🐶🐶 (at Charleston Historic District)
this is making me itch for Fall 2014. 
first visit to the doc! #charlotteneal 💉
I can’t even. #charlotteneal
napping goldens. #mollyneal #charlotteneal  (at Charleston Historic District)
Meet Charlotte Chapel Neal. We’re excited to head home to Charleston! #charlotteneal  (at Nashville International Airport-US Airways)
after 13 flights in 1 month I’m finally taking the most important flight to pick up someone special then home to charleston!! #teachersteachingteachers #isover #charlotteneal  peace Baltimore! ✈️✌️ (at BWI- Baltimore International Airport)
hey bud! @coryjofoster
great article in this months Vanity Fair on Emirates airlines I think you would enjoy @poshpavement ✈️💺🍸
hello. #gossipgirl 

hello. #gossipgirl 

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holy moly jeans. 
it’s happening 🐶 #charlotteneal
Thank you to my amazing friend @cdukecollins for hosting me in NYC! It was an amazing time!